Born in a small rural Texas town to a construction worker and a homemaker, I grew up thinking I had the best life. Surrounded by farm animals, acres and acres of the best corn fields in the area, my brother and I would spend hours running around outside, laughing, chasing after our dog. At the tender age of eleven all that came to an end when my parents divorced. Fortunately I had a grandmother in the city who took me in and helped raise me till I turned eighteen. She passed away shortly after I went off to college. I look back and am so grateful she was part of my life. She was instrumental in shaping my foundation, in shaping my tomorrow.

Several years into my adulthood, I got an inkling to audition for a play at a community theatre. Having performed in various school and community productions, I thought I could just jump right back in and have some fun. Little did I know at the time, this experience would pave the way for my writing.

I auditioned and was given an understudy role. I was happy. I would get to hang out with a group of professional actors and maybe learn a thing or two. Within days of attending the first rehearsals, the director/writer began rewriting scenes with fresh dialogue. Before long the two act play had developed into a three act play. I had never seen anyone spill so much dialogue on paper in such a short period of time.

Somewhere in the midst of all the character playing and staging details, my attention began to shift to the writing aspect of the play. I became more interested in writing dialogue then playing a character on stage. I knew at that moment, I wanted to start writing.

After that experience, I went out and bought my first writing journal and soon found my way into the world of writing. I set out to write a great american romance novel. Over the years I dressed up characters, painted elaborate scenes for them to appear in, and completed all the necessary research for the backdrop, but struggled to give the characters a voice, a reason to exist.

Looking back, I like to think it was grace that played a part in redirecting my heart. Soon thereafter I found my writing taking an unexpected detour leading me to create stories of characters with flaws just like you and I. Characters broken in spirit, seeking forgiveness, seeking acceptance and seeking love.

A former 9-1-1 Administrator, turned literary fiction writer, I live in Texas. When I’m not writing, I devote my time to working with children who have special needs as well as volunteering for a local nature preserve area. I also enjoy running, hiking, tennis and taking peaceful walks along a nature trail. And on occasion will work on my gardening skills. Some of my favorite hangouts include visits to a second-hand bookshop as well as the local art museum. And I collect vintage books.

Thank you for stopping by.