Writing stories for the heart.

Tender is the Heart

A touching and moving novel shaped with an unexpected twist to an unforgettable ending.

The year is 1976: an eight-year-old boy’s life is thrown into an emotional chaos when his mother goes missing one Sunday afternoon. If he is to get through the enduring hardships that lie ahead, he must keep his spirit in tact and not give up on hope.

This story is a light of encouragement and a reminder to all of us to be brave and to never give up on hope when we are facing our own challenging moments in life.

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One thought on “Home

  1. Thank you for sharing your book Tender is the Heart. It was a quick read with a lesson for us all. No matter what our circumstances, if we turn to God, He WILL bring us through it.
    Henry had a rough stone thrown into his life and God put Jose in as his catcher. God Friends are Good Friends.
    Thank you for sharing this message with us all.
    Keep Writing!

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