A mother disappears, leaving behind her young son, Henry Odin, and setting in motion years of hardships for him—shelters, alcoholism, and the loss of his own child. Then, as quickly as Henry’s life sours, it turns around, when an old acquaintance brings him back to God for healing and a renewed sense of hope. Nearly forty years later, Henry discovers the ugly truth behind his mother’s disappearance. After all he has been through—and all he has learned— will he accept and forgive or walk away?

Written as an account of a boy’s life from adolescent to adulthood, Tender Is the Heart is also a personal story for author Cyndee Melzow. Like her protagonist, Cyndee Melzow too has come from a broken home; but found healing along the way through God’s grace. Now, in writing Tender Is the Heart, she hopes to encourage all of us to be brave and to never give up on hope when we are facing our own challenging moments in life.




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