The year is 1976; an eight-year-old boy’s life is thrown into an emotional chaos when his mother suddenly goes missing one Sunday afternoon. To get through the enduring hardships that lie ahead, he must keep his spirit in tact and not give up on hope.

The boy is eventually paired with a grandmother he’s never met before. Proving to be a challenge at first, in time he will develop a bond of love and security with her. But then tragedy strikes the household and he is once again forced to pack his belongings, stuff his sorrows in his pockets. He is taken to a youth home where he will live out his teenage years.

Upon reaching the age of eighteen, he departs the youth home with a new outlook on life, but quickly squanders opportunities to make something of himself. Within time, a sense of renewed hope settles in, and he sets out to take control of his life.

Years later a series of events will eventually lead him to discover the ugly truth behind his mother’s disappearance. Will his heart be ready to accept? Will his heart be ready to forgive?

This story is a light of encouragement and a reminder to all of us to be brave and to never give up on hope when we are facing our own challenging moments in life.

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