A touching portrait of a boy’s life, and an unforgettable journey of love, forgiveness, and grace.

Set over four decades, When Tender is the Heart is a sensitive story about an autistic boy who longs to have a life like any normal child. And despite his good intentions when he becomes an adult, hardship is never far behind as he sets out to create a life for himself, establish relationships with others, and take on potential jobs. 

One day he will be forced to confront his painful childhood past head-on. But will his heart find the closure it’s been seeking for so long? 

When Tender is the Heart not only pushes us to think of our relationships with one another but also the affection we hold in our hearts for others. It encourages us to question if our hearts are truly at peace with our past as much as with the present. 

This deeply moving book will remind us all of how we can find love, forgiveness, and even grace from the people who have shaped our hearts and minds along our journey and, most importantly, within ourselves. 

When Tender is the Heart is filled with the spirit of love, forgiveness, and grace. It is sure to stay with you long after you have read it.